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We Offer a Variety of Staircase Handrail Styles

Every staircase can benefit from a custom handrail that improves the look, value, and feel of your home. Also great for additional stair safety and functionality, our residential handrails are available in a spectrum of styles to complement modern, classic, and creative interior styles of every kind.

Sourced with an eye for quality, all wooden handrails at Buy Rail Parts stem from nearly 40 years of multi-generational mastery. Our family company is passionate about producing superior wood railings, blending innovative style with time-tested crafting techniques for handrails that are:

  • Solid
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to Install
  • Smooth
  • Affordable
  • & Stylish

If you need a beautiful handrail to complement your newel posts and stair balusters, many of our catalog’s selections are available in the same, sturdy wood species for a harmonious final look. Also your go-to resource for every other component, our coordinating mounts and hardware allow for easier-to-install railing systems. Whether you need a single rail for your staircase, or you’re in the process of designing a new staircase project from step one, feel free to contact our helpful team.

From White Oak to Poplar, Our Handrails Are Available in Many Wood species

Our commitment to excellence can be found in every thoughtfully designed and crafted feature. To highlight your home’s traditional theme, consider one of our popular wood species like durable White Oak, versatile Maple, or timeless Red Oak, or choose an affordable wood like Poplar for a luxurious improvement that costs less.

While browsing our newest handrails, our supportive design expertise is always available. Each handrail comes with unique intricacies, and our informative carpenters will gladly take the time to outline the pros and cons of each style with you.

For example, if your home could benefit from an ultra-sturdy style that can support more weight, we suggest a robust hardwood in a thicker style for additional stairway safety. Alternatively, if you’re after a sleek and minimalist look that still provides versatile home utility, even our trim styles feature impressive load-bearing capacity for staircases that look amazing and perform better.

red oak handrail
staircase handrails

Popular Handrails to Consider:

Find the Perfect Handrails for Your Stairs & Home

After we help you find the perfect White Oak treads and matching Poplar handrails, ask about other essential improvement options like beautiful iron or wood stair balusters and wall rosettes. Our experienced team can help with complex stair designs of any scope and size, providing a staircase that will transform your foyer, living room, or hallway into a work of modern stairway art.

Simplify Every Step of Your Project With Buy Rail Parts

From our family company direct to your door, all of our products can be tailored to your wishes. Even though our product line is highly-customizable, all of our staircase parts and handrails still come with the fastest turnaround times in the industry! With our skilled professional working harder to perfect the design, all handrail, baluster, and stair tread purchases include:

  • Design advice
  • Fast deliveries for products in stock
  • Friendly experts who respect you and your home project

More than the best deals on Maple, Hickory, and Red Oak hand railing, our staircase services always include factual education and honest recommendations for your informed, confident, and cost-effective handrails.

For professional handrail recommendations or to start planning a new staircase with our experienced designers, contact our family company for an informative consultation today!

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Tips On Choosing a Handrail Style

The right hand railing update can enrich interior style, functionality, and home safety. Depending on the direction you would like to go with your update, there are several important considerations to keep in mind as you explore the best maple, oak, and poplar options for your home.

After 30+ years as an experienced handrail supplier, here are some professional tips to select a wall handrail that will accentuate your home with lasting appeal and resilient value.

Plan With the Overall Theme in Mind

Would you like your staircase and handrails to feature matching, contrasting, or mixed elements? Start by considering wood tones and handrail shapes that will complement adjacent stair treads, as well as nearby features like decor, wall colors, furnishings, and the architecture of your home.

Consider Function, Cost, & Design Flexibility

After finding a traditional or contemporary wood design you like, the next step is comparing our various maple, red oak, white oak, and other elegant species with your budget and usage needs in mind. With a stronger hardwood, you benefit from incredible durability and timeless residential value. With a softer and more affordable option, it costs less to replace damaged parts or adjust the design in the future.

If you have children or pets, a tough and resilient maple or oak is often the best option for residential households. For an affordable buy and lower-cost stair part replacements in the future, consider budget-friendly styles like poplar or ash wood. If contemporary wood handrails are more your style, then modern options like our 6000 handrail in a lighter wood species like white oak is the perfect choice.

With your preferences and needs in mind, our hand railing suppliers will gladly help you compare the pros and cons of our best styles side-by-side before you buy.