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Top Quality Stair Balusters for Sale

As a key component in breathtaking staircase design, our diverse selection of balusters offer more than reliable handrail stability. Crafted from premium wrought iron and hand-selected wood species, our family company redefines elegant stairway possibilities with more ways to achieve the design of your dreams.

Our experienced team manages all phases of the design, production, and distribution process for superior quality and personalized assistance from start to finish. After nearly 40 years of product improvement and evolution, our expansive catalog features baluster options for every interior design preference, with plenty of choices ranging from budget-friendly affordability to high-end luxury.

Our Product Line Includes Iron & Wood Balusters

With our direct-from-the-manufacturer materials, you’ll always find better deals and a wider selection of baluster styles at Buy Rail Parts. For traditional themes, classic baluster choices like twist and basket iron, ribbon styles, and fluted wooden balusters introduce charm and sophistication. For modern and minimalist looks, popular choices like our tapered wooden balusters, twisted, or spiral iron varieties provide clean and unobtrusive supports for your handrails.

Whether you prefer the easily-integrated black of iron, white spindles, or you would like to uplift your space with the richer tones of Red Oak, Hickory, or Mahogany for interior warmth, we would love to help you plan a superior finish that harmonizes with the other stair parts and your overall interior theme.

Thanks to our in-house production practices, our custom balusters and metal stair components are:

  • Developed with care & precision: Expect our easy-to-install stair parts to fit perfectly. Our precision production practices also ensure greater consistency for identical square, round, and wooden balusters.
  • Personalized to your needs & preferences: Enjoy more baluster design flexibility with our open-ended catalog. You can easily pick and choose from multiple twisted, spiral, square, and round styles.
  • Backed by our friendly & knowledgeable team: With our professional team, you’ll find helpful guidance at every step. We are always available to compare popular interior design ideas, teach you more about each baluster material type, and answer any questions you have!

Our Balusters Come in a Variety of Styles & Shapes

While exploring our latest wood and metal baluster options, be sure to preview the many iron baluster finishes we offer to complete the design. Beyond the beautiful balusters you see here, our comprehensive stair parts include a wealth of square and round baluster styles to adorn your favorite black iron or wood baluster.

Popular Metal Baluster Styles:

  • Twist and basket
  • Contemporary series
  • Ribbon series
  • Round series
  • Butterfly
  • & More

With built-to-last benefits like black powder-coated finishes and superior hardwood selections, all of the styles you find at Buy Rail Parts are crafted with long-term enhancement in mind. Our products are easy to clean, our lighter shades are easy to stain/paint, and our affordable catalog makes it easy to replace a part or two if your balusters are ever damaged.

iron stair balusters
square wood balusters

Budget-Friendly Baluster Styles

If you’ve found a few metal, wood, or iron styles you love, we’re here to respect your budget and interior preferences. While discussing the limitless baluster possibilities with our knowledgeable team, we can help you match your favorite square, round, wood, and iron balusters with other railing essentials like our Oak newel posts and stronger stair treads. All of our budget-friendly styles include fast shipping, personalized design guidance, and knowledgeable support long after your precise parts arrive!

Need help with other steps of your custom baluster improvement project? Whether your home could benefit from a timeless wood handrail or a colonial baluster style, or you need better metal hardware to support your stairs, contact our family team and discover our commitment to personalized stairway excellence today.

We Carry an Endless Selection of Stair Balusters

Are you looking for a trending baluster style, or do you have another improvement in mind for your stair balusters? Our curved, tapered, and contemporary options open the doors to inviting interior design that stands the test of time.

To establish a sense of interior balance that resonates with modern and traditional styles alike, well-rounded styles like our 5015 baluster feature understated design elements that flow with a wider range of interior themes. If you’re looking for a bold or contrasting update, choose from eye-catching styles like ash-grey iron, contemporary black metal, or a curved or tapered style.

Round iron, square metal, or custom wood, it’s hard to go wrong with any of our staircase handrails and balusters. After you find a few stair baluster styles you love, our supportive guidance can help you complete the rest of your stunning staircase design with ease.

As important as selecting the correct rectangular, round, or mixed style to match your decorative preferences, our personalized support ensures you receive components that fit correctly and install easily. From the ash-grey baluster finish to the intricate rectangle and round decorative elements, expect precision part consistency, snug fitments, and amazing customer support every time you order from our devoted team!